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St Cyr au Mont d'Or - Rhône-Alpes

Weather Status
Shelter temp.26.3°C
Indoor temp.23.2°C
Outdoor temp.23.6°C
Shelter humidity42%
Indoor humidity52%
Outdoor humidity52%
Indoor CO2 rate525ppm
Shelter CO2 rate882ppm
Gateway & Servers Status
Default gateway Nominal
Monitoring gatewayAuto
Gateway Latency13.53ms
Loc/NAT Conn. estab.13 / 10
RPi CPU temp.49°C
RPi load/mem0% / 26%
RPi uptime10 days
Windows load/mem41% / 9%
Windows uptime74 days
Nominal Router Status
Modem/Line Uptime57 / 57 days
Volume data24.76Gb
Line Rate21124 / 1280
Line Attn25 / 11
Line SNR4.8 / 7.4
Line FEC27322719 / 0
Line CRC7 / 2
Modem temp.66°C / 56°C
Backup Router Status
Uptime126 days
Volume data0.27Gb
PDP ContextActive
Radio modeLTE
Signal RSSI-62dBm
Signal RSRQ-17dB
Signal SNR-4.5dB
Modem temp.35°C

Supply Power Status
UPS Power Status
AC Line237V / 49Hz
Battery27V / 100%
Load / Power11% / 165W
Fault loop status
Loop E1 OK
Loop E2 OK
Loop E3 OK
Loop E4 OK
SWR Meter

Analog Repeater Status
TX FrequencyRX FrequencyShiftTempCurr.Info
145.6000 Mhz145.0000 Mhz-0.624°C1.19AAnalog repeater - FM Narrow - Channel R0 - Squelch triggering only

Analog + C4FM Repeater Status
TX FrequencyRX FrequencyShiftTempCurr.C4FM Link
439.9750 Mhz430.3750 Mhz-9.625°C1.23A Not connected
Active C4FM Rooms List

D-Star Repeater Status
TX FrequencyRX FrequencyShiftTempCurr.RepeaterLinked toLink TypeProtocolDirection
145.3625 Mhz145.3625 Mhz-0.041°C0.33AF1ZFG C DCS033 CRepeaterDCSOutgoing
439.9625 Mhz430.5625 Mhz-9.428°C0.59AF1ZFG B DCS033 IRepeaterDCSOutgoing
D-Star dashboard

DMR Repeater Status
TX FrequencyRX FrequencyShiftTempCurr.Linked toTimeSlot 1TimeSlot 2Reflector
439.8000 Mhz430.4000 Mhz-9.4 37°C0.56A BM2082    8 4837
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Dashboard Repeater F1ZKM

St Bernard - Rhône-Alpes

Weather Status
Outdoor temp.25.9°C
Outdoor humidity54%
Gateway & Servers Status
Gateway Latency12.55ms

DMR Repeater Status
TX FrequencyRX FrequencyShiftLinked toTimeSlot 1TimeSlot 2Reflector
439.5000 Mhz431.9000 Mhz-7.6 BM2082    8 4837
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